Make Yourself understood

Editing and Proofreading

Well-written articles do not come about by chance. Regardless whether it is an advertising brochure or a press feature article, a professional writer adapts his style to his readers and the medium. Adapted to your company, your branch of industry and your message.

Communicate across Borders

German-English Translations

First-class translations are top-quality when the reader does not recognize them as translations. An experienced translator is familiar with the subtle nuances of language and culture. Ideally, he lives and breathes his multi-lingual environment, always knowing that language and culture are subject to permanent change.

Capture the Moment

Enhance your Message with Visuals

Creating images with words is a challenge for every writer. Telling stories with images is just as demanding. I love both writing and photography. My photos are designed to enhance the text message and add a unique visual quality.