My Qualifications
  • Master of Science (MSc)
    in Public Relations
    University of Stirling, Great Britain
  • State-Certified Translator
    English, German
    Technical, Business &
    General Translations
    Creative Translating

    Official Court Translator,
    publicly appointed
    and sworn by the
    Bavarian Government

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."

Convincing Language, Awesome Pictures!

What do you expect from a writer?

Profound writing skills, of course, and certainly a curious mind. The art of listening, however, ranks at the top of my professional skills list!

Only by listening and observing closely can a writer pick up on the subtle nuances and intangible half-tones of a person’s individual language. Often, I end up with many pages of notes. After analyzing and bringing order to my numerous scribbled notes, and building a “message map”, the result is an easy-flowing text that impresses and brings understanding and joy to the reader.

My Background

Rayner Translations and Editing Services
In 2002 I established myself as a freelance journalist and certified translator. Prior to that, I held senior positions in the PR and marketing departments of international companies.

My academic history
In 1990, I successfully completed a translation degree in English, majoring in technical subjects.With this language qualification I set out to gain training in Public Relations and journalism. I held a position with a leading Munich press agency, gaining first-hand experience in journalism and Public Relations. In those years, I worked exclusively on tourism and the travel industry.

Living and working abroad
In 1993, I was awarded a scholarship by the renowned German Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft. The following year, I successfully obtained a Master of Science Degree in public relations at the renowned University of Stirling in Scotland. The focus of these international studies was on public relations, New Media and Journalism.

This study time in Stirling was my third major stay abroad. Previously, I spent a study year at the British University Newcastle upon Tyne. Much earlier – at the age of 19 – I worked as an Au pair in London.

Today, I spend most of my working life in the Bavarian City of Kempten (Allgäu) and in the Munich area.

A word on Privacy…
I have always preferred to keep business life and private matters separate. Which, of course, is not always possible. After all, we want to get a good feel for the person we work with.
So here’s a glimpse of privacy: My surname RAYNER is my married name and is English (or rather Australian, as my husband from Down Under insists). I have a close friend called Jamiro. He is tall, handsome, has four legs, a brown coat, and without fail greets me with a happy horsey neigh. My other four-legged friend is Lenny the Aussie. A handsome buddy who is with me all the time. He is always at my feet and keeps me entertained in his own very funny way when my customers are keeping me busy. The cuddliest dog on earth, believe me :-)

Professional Membership
I am a member of the German Journalist Association (DJV/BJV).

I would be delighted to discuss how I can help and improve your business communication! Contact me.