German-English Translation ServicesTechnical translations
  • Business translations
  • General translations
  • English-German, German-English
  • Certified translations, i.e. reports,
  • testimonials, birth and marriage certificates
  • Government approved and authorized
  • Fine-tuning of English presentations
  • for German-speaking presenters
  • Interpreting services

Communicate across Borders

First-class translations are top-quality when the reader does not recognize them as translations. An experienced translator is familiar with the subtle nuances of the language and culture. Ideally, he lives and breathes his multi-lingual environment, knowing that language and culture are subject to permanent change.

I have many years of translation experience in the English and German languages. Every translation is carried out and proof-read by a native speaker. The customer will always be guaranteed a high-quality and authentic translation.
Certified Translations
As a qualified and Government-approved translator I certify English-speaking legal documents for German authorities. This includes marriage certificates, birth certificates or any type of reference and proof that you need to submit to official authorities.

Need first-class translations and/or adaptations in German? Contact me.